How “Free” Is A Free Gambling System? How Do They Work? And Do They Work?

If you are here reading this article trying to learn a way to predict which number will appear next on a Roulette table, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

A roulette ball lands on numbers in a purely random fashion, and as such the laws of statistics prove it is undeniably IMPOSSIBLE to predict which number will land next or which numbers might appear more often than others. Don’t believe me? Well, go spend your hard earned money on the many offers on the internet that guarantee they can make these predictions. However, the only thing you’ll be guaranteed of is that you’ll be wasting your money. It is just not possible. (Having spent and lost my own money chasing these ideas is what motivated me to write this article)
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I’ve searched and searched for systems that “promise” to gain me an extra £5,000 a day, £20,000 a week, and a whole bunch of other figures that seem too good to be true. And the worst part is, I PAID for these systems – sometimes $100 a go. The great thing is, there are a FEW systems out there that can actually pay you a pretty penny.

There is a system called the Martingale Technique this the only one I’ve found that actually can make you some spare cash. It works best on roulette.

The way it works is to choose a colour, keep doubling your bet if you lose, then evenentually the idea is – that it will land in your favour (black or red) and you’ll get your money back plus $5 – or whatever amount you’ve decided to bet.

Apparently the odds of winning are 98.88%. Which leaves 1.12% chance of losing. Pretty good odds if I do say so myself!

It boggles the mind that you could actually keep taking money off online casino’s, the only catch with this system is – if you keep going and going and going.. you will EVENTUALLY lose. The best way to handle it, is to stick to a “limit” – say $200 a day, or whatever seems reasonable to your situation.

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